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Edge-to-Cloud Security in Hospitality (Download PDF)

The hospitality industry, once synonymous with warm welcomes and exceptional experiences, is now navigating a complex landscape of cybersecurity threats. Recent high-profile breaches have exposed the vulnerability of guest information, emphasizing the urgent need for robust security measures.

The Challenge of a Broad Attack Surface: Hospitality organizations grapple with the influx of diverse connected devices daily, expanding their attack surface. The proliferation of IoT devices, often linked to separate networks, compounds the challenge, demanding automation for effective security.

Closing the Gaps: Despite increased investments in cybersecurity, breach statistics indicate room for improvement. Addressing security and compliance from the Edge is imperative. HPE Aruba Networking offers modern security solutions tailored for the hospitality industry:

  1. Visibility is Key:
    • Gain comprehensive insight into wired and wireless networks.
    • Apply appropriate IT access policies to users and devices.
    • Monitor for changes and take swift action when compromise is suspected.
  2. User Data: A High-Value Target:
    • Despite being seemingly low-profile, hotels hold valuable user data.
    • HPE Aruba Networking’s solutions secure various entry points, from electronic door locks to connected aquariums.
  3. Secure Infrastructure:
    • HPE Aruba Networking provides over two decades of experience in delivering high-performance networks with built-in security features.
    • Features like WPA3™ protocol, secure boot, and military-grade encryption ensure traffic security.
  4. Automate Security Operations:
    • HPE Aruba Networking Central NetConductor automates LAN, WLAN, and WAN infrastructure configuration, optimizing network performance and enforcing granular access control security policies.
  5. Zero Trust Access:
    • ClearPass NAC delivers discovery, profiling, and authentication of users and devices, fortifying defenses against lateral movements by cybercriminals.
  6. Dynamic Segmentation:
    • Ensures consistent, granular policy-based access controls, securing traffic for approved users, devices, and applications.
  7. Unified Branch Security:
    • Identity-based intrusion detection and prevention defend against various threats, including phishing, DoS, and ransomware attacks.
  8. Security Management Dashboard:
    • HPE Aruba Networking Central provides network-wide visibility, threat metrics, and incident management for comprehensive security insights.
  9. SASE Architecture:
    • HPE Aruba Networking’s SSE empowers a flexible SASE architecture, unifying secure access across the entire property.

Next Steps for a Healthier Security Posture: With HPE Aruba Networking’s advanced access controls and interoperability, hospitality organizations can confidently bolster their security posture, ensuring a safer and more resilient industry.



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