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Monthly Managed Network Services South Africa

Managed Network Services.

With our monthly Managed Network Services, you gain expertise, boost efficiency and lower operating costs. Now all you need is a reliable partner: One Eighty.

Managed Services offer a number of advantages as these days, the IT department takes up a lot of a company’s available budget and resources. When you outsource IT infrastructure, you can get back to focussing on your organisation’s core business

Smarter cloud-managed networking.

Current IT challenges.

Today, IT departments are reducing the daily workload with new business tools while keeping the network up and running with existing resources and capabilities. What are the challenges facing IT departments today?


Increased volume of work.
  • More technologies to be managed
  • New services have to be quickly deployed
  • Fewer resources and investments
Obsolete networks.
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Complex
  • High-maintenance
  • Difficult to manage
  • No more vendor support due to EOL

Aruba’s cloud network solutions are easy to use and specially equipped with an intuitive system that saves time, optimises budgets, ensures high performance with minimum effort and protects technological investments for the coming years.

And best of all, we at One Eighty can easily take on the Managed Network Service for you via Aruba Central!

Benefits of Aruba’s Managed Network Services:

  • Your employees are free to focus on your core business and important IT projects.
  • External experts take on precisely-defined, recurring tasks, offering their expertise.
  • As your regional IT partner, we are by your side as a single point of contact.
  • We take on administration and management tasks meaning you regain the flexibility you need.
  • One Eighty currently supports over 1 million IT seats and data centre systems and knows its customers’ needs. SMEs are increasingly turning to Managed Services.
  • We recommend a solution based on established standards tailored to your needs.
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A managed network in a few simple steps.

In businesses, the network must not only be high-quality, but flexible and adaptable. Want to achieve this in just a few simple steps?

Get in touch.

Request an initial consultation. Contact your account manager or e-mail


Network design.

Our experts will work together with you to design a new network based on your needs and existing infrastructure.



Our technicians will install and start-up the solution for you on-site.


Ongoing operations.

Our technicians monitor the condition of your network, manage it and provide support if necessary.